Our Laboratory Model

IPDataLab was founded on the premise that end users have a strong desire to unlock new competitive advantage through the fast and iterative releases of prototypes and applications.

In addition to our own marketed solutions, we maintain a pipeline of innovations that are supplied under contract to outside entities, including selected commercial providers in our own industry.

IPData Lab
IPData Lab

Uncommon, High-Quality Data

We are highly selective in choosing which data sets to add to our line of data products and services.

We offer data sets that are often hard to compile and maintain, and therefore not already widely available. We thrive on the challenges of retrieving uncommon data from hard-to-reach places and addressing gaps in the current data landscape. When we do take on a new data project, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy, documentation, consistency and timeliness.

Management Team

IPDataLab is lead by individuals having significant experience both as patent attorneys and software product managers.

IPData Lab
Chris Holt
Co-Founder and CEO

IPDataLab is the latest corporate venture from Founder and CEO Chris Holt. Prior to this time, Mr. Holt was the Vice President of Patent Analytics for LexisNexis IP®. In that role, he led the PatentAdvisor® line of pre-grant patent information products and services. Before that, he was the founder and CEO of PatentCore, which was sold to LexisNexis® in 2014.

IPData Lab
Miao Li
Co-Founder and Product Director

Miao is a qualified Chinese patent attorney, with passion for creating unique patent metadata. Prior to IPDataLab, she was the product management leader for a global patent search product at LexisNexis, managing the product lifecycle and an international customer success team. During her early career, Ms. Li was a patent attorney at Procter & Gamble and ENN Group.